Free virtual workshops on digital literacy

With funding from the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program, Women’s Age Lab and Seniors Tech Services are currently hosting a virtual workshop series to give older adults the opportunity to develop their digital literacy skills.

Check out upcoming sessions:

Searching for Information Effectively – April 20th at 11 AM

The internet houses a billion websites and extensive data, making it a primary source of information. Possessing digital literacy skills, and knowing how to search for information online, is crucial. The course will focus on searching for info effectively online and will cover: using search engines, private search, search terms and exact phrase searches, refining results, using voice search, how to block Pop Ups, and more.

WhatsApp – April 24th at 2 PM

WhatsApp is a free app that works on an Android or iOS smartphone. You can use it to make private voice and video calls, send text messages and media to others using WiFi. You will learn how to download and use all the features of WhatsApp.

Online Shopping – April 27th at 11 AM

The Internet has revolutionized the way we shop. More and more people prefer to buy things online over going into stores. In this course you’ll learn: how online shopping works, finding the right stores, online shopping security, reviews, shipping and delivery, returns and exchange, finding deals and privacy issues.

Register by clicking here or on the links above.

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