The Mark of Quality in Independent Living & Home Health

Choosing the right independent living or home health provider is a significant decision, and it’s not always easy. Knowing what to look for and the right questions to ask can make all the difference. That’s where Assurity comes in to help guide you with your decision-making.

Assurity is a quality assurance certification program developed by the experts at EngAge BC to simplify the process of choosing an independent living or home health organization that upholds industry quality standards.

What Does Assurity Certification Mean?

When an organization has Assurity certification, it means they have demonstrated that they meet or exceed industry standards in areas that matter most for seniors and their families when choosing a service provider. These areas include maintaining privacy, ensuring safety, client/resident onboarding, infection control practices, emergency readiness, keeping employees safe, and ensuring client satisfaction.

During the certification process, EngAge BC evaluates the organization’s policies, practices, and procedures against a set of industry criteria and quality measures. To keep their Assurity status active, the organization must renew it every two years.

How to Identify an Assurity Approved Operator?

You can recognize an Assurity certified independent living or home health operator by spotting the Assurity logo on their listing profile.

You can also find a complete list of Assurity certified operators by clicking the links below:

Assurity Approved Operators

Helpful Checklists

In addition to checking for Assurity certification, you can download’s printable checklists for independent living or home health by clicking the links below. These handy checklists align with the Assurity certification criteria and are designed to assist seniors and their family members in knowing what to inquire about and look for when choosing a service provider.

How Was Assurity Developed?

The Assurity quality assurance certification was created because consumers were looking for a trusted resource that could help them choose which independent living residence or home health provider was best for them. 

Assurity was developed from the ground up by collaborating with B.C.’s top independent living and home health professionals. EngAge BC also met with older adults and their family members to consult about the things that were most important to them when choosing a place to live or accessing in-home support. Using fresh ideas and feedback from both operators and users of these services, Assurity was created to help you make informed choices with confidence.

Not Sure About Independent Living or Home Health?

If you’re unsure whether independent living or home health services are right for you, click here to learn more about your options.

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