Welcome to the new Route65.ca platform!

Route65.ca is excited to present our new and improved seniors living, wellness and care directory. As of November 6th, 2023, our new website will be fully available to serve B.C.’s seniors, along with their friends and family.

What is Route65.ca?

Originally launched in 2019, Route65.ca is a free, online directory that helps the public navigate the seniors living, wellness and care continuum in B.C. Individuals can search for long-term care, assisted living, independent living, and home health services across the province and gather information about available options in one centralized platform.

What’s New?

Many features on the old platform have now been revamped and redesigned to be more reader friendly, including the contact form, which is now directly featured on each listing, the listing’s pictures, which are now easier to scroll, bookmarking listings for later which is now simpler, social media links which are now bigger and easier to see, and much more!

Several exciting features are newly available on the platform too, such as:


    • The pet friendly indicator. This allows individuals to ensure a care home will allow pets, as needed. Each pet friendly listing notes what pets/sizes are allowed.

    • Sharing ability. Individuals can now quickly and easily send listings to a friend or family member or share on their social media.

    • Accessibility button. This ensures individuals may increase or decrease the font size, change the font’s readability, or underline links as needed to improve and enhance their ability to effectively read the website.

    • ‘Interested in’ feature. This new feature recommends similar listings at the bottom of each listing to give readers more options to explore. Such recommendations include a quick view option that features a short overview of the care home, the services it provides and its location in B.C.

    • New and revised filtering features. Previously, individuals could only search their options by home name, city and/or service type (long-term care, assisted living, independent living or home health). We have added eight new filtering options, so individuals may also search by language, private or subsidized, amenities offered, health care services offered, hospitality and lifestyle services offered. They may also filter to ensure a care home is Assurity approved, LGBTQ+ friendly or pet friendly!

    • Symbols. Individuals can not only filter if a care home is pet and/or LGBTQ+ friendly, but a symbol will now also show up alongside their picture in the search bar and in the map, which makes it even easier to see if a care home will fit your needs!

We invite you to browse the new Route65.ca website and discover all the exciting new features and valuable information available on the revamped platform. We hope you find it incredibly helpful!

Please contact us here if you have any questions.

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