Seniors Living Expo & Job Fair: Announcing Brianne Gardner as keynote speaker

Stop by the Seniors Living Expo & Job Fair this November 6th to hear Brianne Gardner, Wealth Manager and co-founder of Velocity Investment Partners. In her presentation titled The Seniors Guide to Prosperity & Wealth, Brianne will address the financial concerns that arise during retirement.

Retirement can now last longer than ever before. Many seniors spend over 1/3 of their lives in the “golden years” and with more people living longer, a plan is needed to ensure you are sufficiently prepared for many of life’s “what ifs”. Retaining your family’s wealth by growing and protecting it is crucial. As you get older, you may find your list of priorities can shift and health, tax planning, investment management and estate planning strategies, as well as ideal methods of passing your wealth to the next generation all become increasingly important. Nearly half of people 60 years and older say they have at least one financial concern… so attending this session can help address those worries!

The following questions will be raised:

  • Is your retirement recession proof?
  • Safeguarding your income in retirement – do your investments need to change as you age?
  • Top estate planning tools– do you have a representation agreement?

As a Wealth Manager and co-founder of Velocity Investment Partners, Brianne uses her expertise to provide solutions to high-net-worth families and retirees who have complex financial needs and deliver first-class service to clients who expect the best. Her dedication to understanding and managing the unique financial challenges many multi-generational families face gives our clients the peace of mind they need.

With the tools provided by the leading independent firm in Canada and Seniors Living Expo & Job Fair Gold Sponsor, Raymond James Ltd., she is continually raising the bar for customized and strategic investment solutions with a focus on risk management to help protect those retirees nest eggs. She takes pride in the opportunity to help them grow, protect, and diversify their wealth, and when the time comes, transfer it to future generations in the most efficient manner.

Brianne manages money for families, developing customized wealth management plans and solutions to meet their personal circumstances and goals. Brianne oversees a highly qualified team who help ensure all the clients receive ‘Amazon-like’ efficiency and ‘Four Seasons-like’ service. A disciplined and active risk management strategy allows clients to sleep soundly knowing their money is under prudent stewardship.

Her unwavering passion for being a trusted financial partner and family advisor providing valuable guidance in overseeing their financial affairs is why she has built strong, long-term relationships. Brianne is a regular speaker on BNN Bloomberg, has authored many industry and newspaper articles over the years and is an expert contributor for Globe & Mail and the Neighbours of Edgemont magazine.

Register for the Seniors Living Expo & Job Fair now to hear Brianne’s keynote! Advanced tickets are purchased at a discounted price. 

Event info:
Seniors Living Expo & Job Fair
November 5-6th, 2022
Vancouver Convention Centre East

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