Mission’s Carrington House Celebrates Four Centenarian Birthdays

A party honouring a three seniors, each celebrating a centenarian birthday was held at Mission’s Chartwell Carrington House on Monday, Jan 25.

Mission City Record recently published an article about the event, which marked a combined 405 years of life.

“We can’t hold a huge party. It’s kind of hard for them, their families can come visit in the visiting room, but it’s just not the same,” Brittany Siemens, lifestyle and programs manager at the residence, told Mission City Record.

“So we had to think of something a little different to do.”

Staff put on a special party for them, and inducted the three women into the 100 Club, complete with a special lunch and cake. They were all brought their favorite flowers, except Moore who – his favorite thing being a glass of red wine – was given a bottle, Siemens said.

They all had family pay them a visit.

The seniors were also asked to impart some wisdom for the youth of today.

Walter, who worked at a papermill before retirement, advised everyone to “live healthy and be happy.” She said one of her greatest accomplishments was quilting a whole bedspread.

A former waitress and nurse, Gjernes said dancing is what really makes her happy. She described the highlight of her life was being asked to perform at Mission’s Clarke Theatre in a play called “Young at Heart.”

Originally from Finland, Hellstrom was a hairdresser for her entire life. She said she helped build three hair-styling businesses, one in her native Finland and two in B.C. She said “life is no dance on roses” and everyone has ups and downs, but youth should “dream and keep on dreaming.”

And Moore, a veteran of the Royal Canadian Air Force who worked in electronics, advised to “keep going and smile.”

When asked what his greatest accomplishment was, he said: “Staying alive.”

Siemens said they were all talking with each other throughout the party and enjoyed themselves. She said they have taught her a lot about life.

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