How to discuss transitions with a parent

It might seem obvious to an adult child that their elderly parent should be considering an independent or assisted living home, but many older adults are unaware of the ways a move may benefit them. Suggesting a transition can be a difficult topic to approach, so here are some tips on how to discuss this decision with a parent.

Mention it in passing

When the time for a move begins to present itself, now is the time to start planting seeds with your parent. For example, if a parent asks for help with tasks that they previously completed independently, such as cutting the lawn, or simple household cleaning, you can mention how seniors’ living options take away the burden of these chores, and can make life easier and more enjoyable.

Keep a positive tone

Always speak positively about seniors’ living options. Discuss the events and perks that care communities provide. Also be mindful of what you call them. Terms such as “nursing homes” and “old folk homes” are reflective of an outdated model. Instead, opt to call them seniors’ living communities or retirement living options.

When it comes to suggesting the move, make sure you illustrate that your recommendation is out of love and concern for your parent. Put emphasis on the decision being their choice.

Have friends and other family bring it up

Involve other family and close friends who might be able to offer support or encouragement. You may also consider asking trusted professionals in your parents life, such as a family doctor, to suggest a move.

Take a tour

Finally, offer to bring them on a tour of some possible destinations. Seeing the suites, tasting the meals, and meeting staff and fellow residents might help to calm the fear of the unknown.

Talking to your parents about care decisions can be challenging. Following these suggestions might help to make it easier and more comfortable for everyone.

This article has been adapted from an article originally published by H&H Total Care. To view H&H properties in your community click here.

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