Get the FREE Karie remote medication dispensing system today!

We are thrilled to share that AceAge Inc. and Wellness Pharmacy Group are partnering together to provide Karie (, a ground-breaking medication delivery device, free of charge in Lower Mainland British Columbia.

At Wellness Pharmacy Group, we provide innovative technologies in the form of medication dispensing devices to resolve compliance issues and increase patient’s independence in the community. We believe that having Karie accessible through pharmacies will have a significant impact in facilitating social distancing while ensuring our patients have access to the medications they need at the right times.

Karie is a home health appliance that organizes, schedules, and dispenses medication for users with remote monitoring capabilities for those unable to check up on their loved ones. Using visual and audible tones, Karie reminds the user to take their medication and will inform their circle of care if medication is missed. Karie makes medication management simple, reliable and brings peace of mind to families and caregivers.

AceAge Inc. is a healthcare technology company, creating beautiful and intuitive products to ease the aging process. Karie is AceAge’s first commercially available product, making medication management as simple as possible. Outfitted with a front-facing camera, and Bluetooth connectivity, Karie is becoming a central fixture of the connected health home.

Wellness Pharmacy Group ( consists of 13 pharmacy locations that specialize in providing personalized care to our patients in the Lower Mainland. As an independently owned community focused pharmacy, we strive to improve the wellbeing of our patients through innovative services and community outreach programs.

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