Don’t go off-road for home support—use Route 65 to choose a provider you can trust

If you have ever hired care for yourself of someone else, it has probably been at a point of crisis. Something has happened which has pushed “find home health care” from the bottom of your to-do list to the very top.

Perhaps you found out that your mom will be leaving hospital, or maybe you checked your dad’s blister-packed medication to discover that he had not taken his pills in weeks. Whatever the case might be, there may have not been time to do the research you would have otherwise done to find a reputable home health care organization.

Many families are finding themselves needing help, now, and often they simply do not know what questions they should be asking. This might be one reason why more families are looking to church bulletin-boards, Craigslist, or even Facebook, to hire “underground” seniors’ care.

At first, hiring a home health care worker directly may not seem like a problem. In fact, it might even afford additional flexibility or cheaper rates.

However, going independent can pose a host of risks.

There are no legislative requirements for private home support operators—this includes things like criminal record checks, for example.

So when families hire a reputable home health care organization, they receive the assurance that the employer is hiring the right people and providing them with appropriate training, that staff are working within the right professional scope, and that a process is in place to respond to an issue or incident.

There are also advantages for the worker. For example, the organization ensures that the person is covered by WorkSafeBC, that the working environment is safe, and that wages are competitive.

By choosing a home health organization who is on Route 65, you know that organizations are adhering to EngAge BC’s Enhanced Code of Ethics.

Don’t go off-road for home support. Choose a reputable provider who you can trust, by using Route 65.

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