Do you know what your library can offer you?

Public libraries play an essential role in serving diverse communities across B.C. No matter your age, the library can offer a sense of connectedness and belonging.

Addressing Accessibility Challenges

However, some seniors find it difficult to access the many programs, services and resources that the library has to offer. To address potential challenges, libraries across B.C. have developed a host of services and activities that are designed to eliminate barriers and promote accessibility.

Writing a New Chapter in Accessibility: Coquitlam Public Library

Route 65 recently spoke to Coquitlam Public Library to learn more about how they are helping lead the way and better serve seniors in their community through innovative, accessibility-oriented initiatives.

For instance, Coquitlam Public Library has implemented the Homebound Delivery Service to help make essential library services accessible to those who may be experiencing physical barriers. Through this program, the library provides free delivery and pick up of library materials to residents throughout the city who are temporarily or permanently homebound in private homes or care residences. The materials are personally chosen by librarians, according to the senior’s preferences and needs.

Coquitlam Public Library also promotes access by stocking large-print books, audiobooks, and other online resources with built-in accessibility features. Or, for those looking to boost their digital skills, Coquitlam Public Library offers workshops to help individuals navigate new technology and devices.

Get Connected

Whether you are looking for a free course on navigating technology, seeking to make new connections through an audiobook club, or to learn more about exclusive library events for older adults, we encourage you to reach out to your local library to learn more about what unique services, programs and other supports are available.

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