An Active Living Inspiration: Eric Sandstrom

This summer Route 65 staff had the pleasure of meeting Eric Sandstrom, at the Super Senior Slam – Pickleball Tournament, where the Association was a sponsor. Eric, who is a few weeks away from his 82nd birthday, quickly connected with staff about the upcoming Seniors Living Expo and the many benefits of staying physically and socially active throughout life.

“I have always been super active, participating in competitive badminton, tennis, softball, distance running and triathlons,” says Eric.

“I currently play snooker, cribbage, golf (walking the course), play pickleball and I walk using Nordic walking poles,” he continues.

As a lower impact alternative to other racquet sports, Pickleball has taken the seniors fitness world by storm. Eric himself started playing at age 70 and now plays three or four times a week for 2 – 3 hours a session. He also mentors and coaches newcomers.

According to Eric, Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in North America, improves social connectedness, burns calories, improves balance and agility, and (most importantly!) is fun! It is also easy to learn, with many clubs offering free lessons to get newbies started.

When asked about his secret to aging well, Eric says, “my solution is to meet new people as often as I can – each person has a special story to tell.  All you have to do is reach out.  I feel there are no strangers, only friends I have not yet met. Getting older does not need to stand in the way of your living.”

Interested in learning more about seniors wellness? Join EngAge BC at Seniors Living Expo, November 5-6 at the Vancouver Convention Centre as they bring together B.C.’s seniors living and care communities to showcase the very best products and services available for older adults, alongside organizations who specialize in serving the personal health and wellness needs of seniors.

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