Code of Ethics

Members of BC Care Providers Association & EngAge BC are obligated to abide by an operator Code of Ethics through their active membership, as mandated by the Association’s Conventions & Bylaws.

BC Care Providers Association & EngAge BC Member Code of Ethics

The following Code of Ethics outlines how a member of the Society will govern their conduct.

Service provider members shall:

  • Comply with all bylaws of the Association and conduct all activities with honesty, integrity, respect, fairness and good faith in a manner which will reflect well upon the sector;
  • Strive to provide exemplary services to the residents or clients for whom they are responsible in a manner which is hospitable, courteous, enables personal choice, and is responsive to resident or client feedback;
  • Promote competence in housing and service delivery management through ongoing education;
  • Comply with all acts, regulations and standards relevant to the sector in which care services or housing is provided;
  • Hold that professional relationships are not to be exploited for personal advantage;
  • Refrain from any conduct that undermines the role of the Association and the credibility of the sector or any of its members.

Members responsible for providing care shall:

  • Provide care with regard to the total physical, mental, spiritual and cultural needs of those residents or clients;
  • Endeavour to employ staff with empathy and compassion for older adults, so that every person receiving care has a satisfactory experience;
  • Treat persons receiving care and their family members or companions with dignity.

Commercial members shall:

  • Refrain from using the Association’s credentials or affiliation to promote or endorse external commercial products or services.
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