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Glenwarren Lodge
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At Glenwarren Lodge, supporting the health and wellbeing of residents to enhance their quality of life is our top priority. Located in the beautiful neighbourhood of Fernwood, Glenwarren Lodge is a friendly and home-like residence providing complex and palliative care through BC Long Term Care placement and immediate, waitlist-free private placement.


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This icon signifies that a seniors' living or wellness organization considers itself to be LGBTQ2+-inclusive and commits to having:

  • Foundational and on-going training and education on working with older adults who identify as LGBTQ2+.This should include education which is built into the organization’s on-boarding process.
  • A system in place to review forms, policies and procedures and address any overt or covert discrimination or marginalization (e.g., binary gender options).
  • Hiring and employment efforts to ensure that the organization’s staff reflect the diversity of the community being served.
  • A visible statement of support for the LGBTQ2+ community. This can include a mandate, a client rights statement or anti-discrimination policy.
  • An accessible mechanism for input from LGBTQ2+ clients, including programming, quality of care etc.
  • A system in place which allows the organization to proactively address incidents or experiences of discrimination or marginalization should they occur.

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